Best Books of 2017

From drama to sci-fi and everything in-between, books have the unique power to capture our interest and draw us into a different world. Each year sees unique and fascinating finds from a wide genre of literature. These are some of the best books of 2017.

Behave by Robert M. Sapolsky

Written by a professor of biology and neurology, this book is a surprisingly fascinating read. Sapolsky attempts to answer the question of why humans harm or help each other? He finds his answers in biology and the book is informative as well as amusing with his dry humor and wit.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

This book follows the lives of four generations of a Korean family starting in 1910. It starts with the story of an elderly fisherman and his wife living in Busan. The tale weaves through the family as they experience loss, growth, and the huge changes of the times. Weaving a fascinating tale throughout the years, readers will experience the tradition ups and downs of a family.

A Kind of Freedom by Margaret Sexton

This is the first novel by the author but it made the longlist of the National Book Award. Her novel traces a downward spiral of a black family from the start of WWII to Hurricane Katrina. The story begins with a young debutante who falls in love with a lower class man. Readers will see the struggle of each generation, ending with the youngest member of the family who ends up in jail for drug possession.  Here is Margaret Sexton reading an excerpt from her book.

Rising Star by David Garrow

The Obama’s have possibly been even more a subject of interest after they left the White House and have been the subject of many books. This biography stands out by focusing on the calculations that Barack made in the years leading up to his presidential race. Garrow brings in the idea of destiny and the calculating moves that Barack made in pursuit of his goal.

The Power by Naomi Alderman

While this book has seen great attention due to the events of 2017, it stands out among other dystopian novels. The premise is simple. Girls discover that their bodies can produce an electrical charge which goes on to disrupt civilization. This new power is seen in a variety of settings from a young girls’ bedroom to political offices. The story sparks with satire and makes for a fascinating read.

Although this list is certainly not exhaustive, take a chance on one or more of these top books. You’ll find a fascinating story in each of their pages.